Memory and Activism Reading Group #4

The next MAWG reading group session will take place on Thursday March 16 between 17:00 and 18:30 UTC +1. (To find out how this converts to your time zone at the given date, you can use this free calculator:

The meeting will be held online. You can participate via this link:

During this meeting, we will discuss the introduction and first chapter of Enzo Traverso’s Left-Wing Melancholia (2017). You can find a PDF of the selected reading material here.

This reading group is open to all interested in memory and activism, irrespective of whether you came to the last meeting. If you have suggestions for future readings then please bring them along. We will discuss what to read next month at the end of the session.

For further information please contact Alexander Ulrich Thygesen, Eline Mestdagh or Clara Vlessing.