What is the Memory and Activism Working Group (MAWG)?

The Memory and Activism Working Group (MAWG) tailors to researchers, activists, and practitioners with an interest in the manifold ways by which activism – broadly conceived as relating to but also exceeding protests and social movements – interconnects and overlaps with memory. MAWG seeks to facilitate interdisciplinary and collaborative exchange concerning an empirical terrain characterised by – amongst other connection points between memory and activism – the remembrance of past activism, the role of memory within contemporary activism and activism directed towards mnemonic ends. It does this by sharing news and events, maintaining a list of members (with their specific research interests) and an up-to-date bibliography of relevant research, and by curating an open email discussion list (listserv), Facebook Group, and MSA members website forum (this is exclusively for paid-up members of the MSA).

The group is currently chaired by:
Eline Mestdagh, Ghent University
Alexander Ulrich Thygesen, Aarhus University 
Clara Vlessing, Utrecht University