Seminar: Digital Holocaust Memory, Education and Research

At the monthly PoSoCoMeS seminar, Amy Sodaro discusses aspects of digital Holocaust Memory production and dissemination in post-Socialist states with chapter authors Sanna Stegmaier, Svetlana Ushakova and Imogen Dalziel and Victoria Grace Walden, editor of the book: “Digital Holocaust Memory, Education and Research” (Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2021).

This book is the first volume on digital Holocaust projects which foregrounds the specificity of the digital in all chapters. The book introduces an interdisciplinary approach to thinking about digitalHolocaust memory, education and research. From social media to virtual reality, 360-degree imaging to machine learning, there can be no doubt that digital media penetrate practice in these fields. As the Holocaust moves beyond living memory towards solely mediated memory, it is imperative that we pay critical attention to the way digital technologies are shaping public memory and education and research. Bringing together the voices of heritageand educational professionals, and academics from the arts and humanities and the social sciences, this interdisciplinary collection explores the practicalities of creating digital Holocaust projects, the educational value of such initiatives, and considers the extent to which digital technologies change the way we remember, learn about and research the Holocaust, thinking through issues such as ethics, embodiment, agency, community, and immersion. At its core, this volume interrogates the extent to which digital interventions in these fields mark an epochal shift in Holocaust memory, education and research, or whether they continue to be shaped by long-standing debates and guidelines developed in the broadcast era. See further details at the publisher’s website:

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Sep 05 2022


5.30 pm CET
5:30 pm
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