We are happy to announce that after four years of activity, PoSoCoMeS, the working group on post-socialist and comparative memory studies within the Memory Studies Association (MSA), changes its logo!

The new logo visualizes the spatial outreach of research within PoSoCoMeS. It includes the former Soviet republics, East Central Europe, South-East Europe, countries of the Middle East, Africa and Latin America as well as East and Southeast Asia. Beyond the former and present state socialist countries depicted on this map, the group’s research involves international socialist movements and their memories.

PoSoCoMeS promotes post-socialist memory studies as a fully-fledged field of inquiry and aims to engage in meaningful dialogue with those studying other countries or regions. We wish to create a global framework for scholarly dialogue about post-socialist memory, with particular attention to comparative and transnational approaches including regions in the Global South and elsewhere that have been influenced by the socialist project.

 PoSoCoMeS team is grateful to Alex May for designing the new logo https://www.instagram.com/alex_may_tattoo/