Save the date for “Performative Returns”, a Performance and Memory Working Group Roundtable on July 11, 3-5pm CET/9-11am EST.

In this roundtable, the panellists will share their reflections on their current research as a return, a recollection or a reenactment. They revisit memories of childhood performance, theatre histories, urban landscapes and local performance practices. In doing so, their autobiographical memories articulate with more public memories, conceived as mythofictions, ghosts and archival materials with ‘messianic power’ (Benjamin, 1974). Their interdisciplinary projects approach the fields of dance history, literature, theatre and dance anthropology through creative practices of multimedia documentary making, playwriting and reenactment. The performative returns they enact raise the possibility of methodological reciprocities, as well as spectres of extraction, othering and (self-) Orientalism. The roundtable discussion will focus on the many meeting points between their projects, as well as questions at the intersection of memory and history, archival pasts and presents, autobiography and ethnography, and research and/as creative practice.

Panellists: Priya Thomas, Ashutosh Potdar, Noriko Watanabe, Laura Steil, Celena Monteiro and Clare Parfitt, Layla Zami