1501, 2021

MSA conference in Warsaw

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We are pleased to say that the Memory & Arts Working Group will be represented with five panels at the forthcoming MSA conference in Warsaw. Some members of the group are presenting on other groups' panels. We hope to [...]

1501, 2021

Baltic Worlds

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We are glad to share the news about Baltic Worlds journal Special Issue “Confronting Muted Memories: Reading Silences, Entangling Histories” which was published in January 2021. The Issue grew out of the international symposium “Prisms of Silence” organized at [...]

Memory and Solidarity in migratory contexts. Work-in-Progress and Future perspectives

Online Panel – 12th July, 2022 (10 – 12 CET).

This panel asks about the intersections between memory and solidarity with a special interest in individuals and groups living in migrant, diasporic or exile contexts. Memory and solidarity are thereby understood in their transnational significance for practices of identification and belonging. The contributors shed light on facets of these intersections from disciplinary backgrounds in anthropology, sociology and communication/media studies. Based on insights from ongoing projects, the panel touches upon questions on the study of biographical memory and media studies, the role of digital citizenship and transnational activism, and network activities in the production of memory and solidarity. As migration plays a fundamental role in the field of memory studies, the discussion aims to raise awareness of the different regional, temporal and historical frameworks of migration and how these require reflective approaches in the study of memory cultures.

International Interdisciplinary Conference
2-3 June 2022


How do we remember and represent our migration experiences? Who is involved in these processes? How does history remember these events? What helps migrants and societies to adapt? The significance of these and related questions have made their way into our daily lives, from the refugee crisis to policy decisions, individual psychotherapy to (re)building identities, communities, and memories.

During the conference, we are going to turn our attention to processes that are integral to human experience: migration, adaptation, and memory. We are interested in all aspects of migration and adaptation, in their individual and collective dimensions, in the past and in the present-day world. We would like to examine the role of memory, the processes of migrating and adapting to various dynamic life circumstances, across time, space, culture, language, and discipline.