MAWG Reading Group

In order to further facilitate debate among its members and other enthusiasts, MAWG has launched a series of reading groups. The idea is to have monthly online meetings in which we informally share our thoughts about the selected text.

Our first upcoming meeting is on Friday October 28 between 15:00 and 16:00. Please note that the timing is set on the CEST, UTC + 2 time zone. To find out how this converts to your time zone at the given date, you can use this free calculator: The meeting will be held online. You can participate via this link:

During our first meeting, we will start off by discussing Andreas Huyssen’s Present Pasts: Urban Palimpsests and the Politics of Memory (2003) a classic in the memory studies field. We will discuss the introduction as well as the first chapter ‘Present Pasts: Media, Politics, Amnesia’ (pp. 11-29). You can find a PDF of the selected reading material here: MAWG Reading Group.

The idea for the reading group came from some of the members of the MAWG, looking to enliven the working group. If you have suggestions for the format, or literature to read, they are very welcome! We especially hope that this way we can keep the conversation about memory and activism going.

If you would like to join the please contact, or We look forward to welcoming you all on October 28!